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Posted on 25-01-2019

Part 2/2

Everybody keeps saying, “I cannot do this. If I do something, it is not enough. I’m not enough to move something.” That is not true entirely. You have to start with yourself.

If you are not able to see yourself, fell yourself, and recognize your own truer potential, you are not able to...

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Posted on 25-01-2019

Part 1/2

So in order to understand fully what happens when we are here in the physical roam, we have to be able to lift up upon, or above that to a different flow of energy, a different flow, or a different consciousness. So that we can view it from a different point, and thereby we will underst...

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Posted on 08-01-2019

We are a mere speck in the universe!
I've spent this evening in the great company of a handful very beautiful people, sharing our truths of consciousness. We are as humans mere specks in the univers, in search of our ever internal truths. Our souls carry so much knowledge, and many are afraid...

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Christmas deal 20% off on all consultations

Dec 15, 2018 – Jan 20, 2019

Need spiritual consulting on the new year? Just want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, without any promises of a quick fix? Do you have aches - Physical & mentally - that needs tending?

I also do online consulting, via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Book before Jan 20th 2019, and get a 20 % disco...

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  • Therapeutic Healing Massage

    A quiet intuitive massage form, that brings you and your body at ease. What ever it is, you may need focusing on, we will work on that. Its not always where the pain lays, or starts - that the issue at hand is. In a peaceful room - candels lit, incents burning and soft mantra music playing - you will be in heaven.
  • Consultations

    One on one or Couples sessions.
  • Events - Workshops

    We have two preset events avalible at the moment. If your company or union, want a more specific twist to the event, we will cater to your needs. All events are suited at 20-30 people max. Pricing starts at DKK 4.500 - After 30 people, a fee per person of DKK 200 applies up till 50 people. Hereafter it is DKK 150. If you are a union or club with few funds, contact us for pricings.


  • Spirit Talks

    We work in spirit awareness through lucidity, in combination with body therapy. We move together in response to the areas desired. We look at the body as a whole, and work with any imbalances, through energetic balancing, healing and different massage techniques.
  • Consultation w/ Test

    We listen to the body's symptoms and talk about what it tells us. By testing on the fatty acid balance, we have a good indicator of the inflammatory condition in which the body is, thereby facilitating our ability to get the optimal physical balance in place. We look at diet, exercise and supplements. A journey in consciousness through lucidity may occur. A small blood test is made. Follow-up on it after 14 days, this is inclusive.
  • Consultation

    We listen to the body's symptoms and talk about what it tells us. By testing on the fatty acid balance, we have a good indicator of the inflammatory condition in which the body is in, thereby facilitating our ability to get the optimal physical balance in place. We look at diet, exercise and supplements. A journey in the mind consciousness through clairvoyance may occur.


  • Therapeutic Healing Massage

    DKK 400.00
    Back, neck, arms and hands app. 20 min
  • Therapeutic Healing Massage

    DKK 700.00
    Back, neck, arms, hands and chest app. 40 min
  • Therapeutic Healing Massage

    DKK 900.00
    Full body massage app. 60 min


  • Your laughter, your health.

    An event on laughter, diet and supplements. Why is it so healthy to laugh, and why is it so important that we give our body the right nutrition. We ask questions like, why it is so healthy to laugh? What is natural pain relief and what you can do yourself in that regard? Your health - what can you do with your diet and why is dietary supplement necessary today? Which supplements are good for me? After a short break we lift the energy with laughter yoga, then we gather the experience together.
  • Fat acid balance & inflammation - Fit to live.

    An event on the fatty acid balance and the importance of a healthy balance. Inflammation poses a great danger, and many lifestyle diseases are caused by fatty acid imbalance. What is due to the imbalance? Can we do something to change it? Diet and Nutrition today - Is supplementation needed? Anxiety, dementia and depression - can we remedy this ourselves? Many are characterized by these symptoms today, is it possible that we can remedy ourselves and avoid Pharmaceuticals ? Products will be presented where it is possible to be tested subsequently on the fatty acid balance. (extra charge occurs) There will be depreciated with a discount of Dkk 200 per. Premium subscription. For 20 Premium Kit subscriptions, event is free. Each subscription receives a follow-up consultation of up to 30 minutes. after 4 months with a new test.
Buntu is an event and consulting company offering consulting i treatments and events in health, spirituality and laughter.
We offer lectures and health events with focus on the physical and spiritual balance (health) via treatments, natural dietary supplemants and your own participation.
We create a greater understanding and awareness of the importance to self-participation in own mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Together we create a space, in which it is safe to be and where you can unfold both physically, mentally and spiritually.
We will create joy and higher awareness as well as understanding of what we can not see and feel, but which is an undeniable part of our everydaylive and our lives.

Please call for further detail on opening hours - we consult all through the day!

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